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Why Are Some Global Health Efforts Failing? | Opinion

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the considerable inequality found in health systems across the globe. While medical advances are saving countless lives, many tragic deaths have occurred across the world from COVID-19, as well as countless other diseases, simply because people are unable to access these lifesaving treatments. 

In situations like the pandemic, any country with access to fewer protections against a virus presents an ideal environment for the virus to spread, mutate, and develop resistance to vaccinations and treatments. In turn, this allows the virus to reinfect other countries. In today’s interconnected world, no country can truly be viewed in isolation.

“A threat to health anywhere is a threat to health everywhere” says Harald Nusser, Head of Global Patient Solutions at Gilead Sciences. Nusser says that in order to overcome this situation, more must be done to address health matters on a per-country basis, tailoring health developments to offer accessible, affordable programmes for each individual country.

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