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Health Issues in Africa is an online news portal dedicated to exclusive and comprehensive coverage of the issues surrounding health and development affecting the people of the African continent. Our readers include policymakers, health professionals working in the government, private and non-profit sector, research and the media.

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Every year in Africa, millions of people die, and billions of dollars in the economy is lost due to health issues. The three most common health issues in Africa are HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Diarrhoea.

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Clean Water

The situation of access to clean water and sanitation in rural Africa is even more dismal than the previous statistics imply. The WHO (2006) stated that, in 2004, only 16% of people in sub-Saharan Africa had access to drinking water through a household connection (an indoor tap or a tap in the yard).


When it comes to killer diseases in Africa many people think of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, or even Ebola. But the reality is thatdiseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease – known as non–communicable diseases (NCDs) – are a major threat.


Access to medicines refers to the ability for people to get needed medicines required. Such access is part of the right to health as supported by international law since 1946. The World Health Organization states that essential medicines should be available, of good quality, and accessible.


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